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Democratisation and digitisation of fresh-produce market.

The solution aims to leverage the use of technology to optimise yield and supply of fresh produce to market – while reducing wastage across the seed-to-fork ecosystem. This increased supply aims to reduce the affordability of fresh produce and food-security by bringing small-scale farmers into the mainstream economy by using technology and Agri-Industrial processing centre to act as aggregation and share resources across the value chain. We have used technology in the following manner across the value chain.

We Create Technology Enabled Food Security

South Africa is considered food-secure, meaning the nations food production sector produces enough food to sufficiently feed every citizen. The South African population is expected to grow from ~55 million in 2020 to 82 million by the year 2035. Food production and processing must more than double to feed our expanding population. This food production increase needs to be achieved with the same or fewer natural resources. Farmers, processors and the entire value chain have to overcome climate variability, global pandemics and other adverse conditions to achieve this growth.

Our key focus area to help support the food production industry extract efficiencies from the value chain is optimizing and digitising at every sensible stage from farm to fork.

It is a well-known fact that small scale farmers in South Africa and on the continent do not necessarily have access to key markets, are being exploited and not always get their yields worth through conventional channels, stifling the growth of the country’s agricultural sector, and thus our national food production capacity.

Farm2Fork is an initiative born out of the desire to support vulnerable producers, provide all buyers with an endless range of options and connect all the key stakeholders in the value chain of this essential sector by leveraging the Farm2Fork marketplace platform.

Democratising Food Security. For Everyone. Everywhere 

Maximum Dynamics Pty (Ltd) (part of Maximum Group)

Group moto: Profit While Doing Good

Group CEO - Slaven Gajovich

  • Driving the 4th Industrial Revolution through property development and Conscious Property Alchemy.
  • Mega Project developers, Triple Net Investors and renewable energy drivers.
  • In property industry since 1993.
  • Primary businesses encompass Triple Net property developments and investments based on a simple business model – bankable offtake upfront.
  • Consisting of filling stations; retail; green managed renewable services; any property or development where a listed company or a Government department is the offtake.
  • Over R40 Billion under developments
  • Known speaker at Proptech, FinTech, AgriTech and property development events.
  • These mainly involve AAA grade investments with guaranteed annuity income for a longer period of time.

Group Executive - Vusi Vuma

  • A well-established Solution Architect at Multi-National, with knowledge spanning several industries and technology domains.
  • Comprehensive understanding of several technology stacks and an advanced understanding of BI and Analytics applications to realise the value in any industry.
  • Vusi’s experience spans all areas of information lifecycle from Data Management and Governance, Data Architecting, Data Security Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Social Analytics applications. These skills cover both the structured and unstructured information areas.
  • Specialities: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data and Social Analytics, customised solution design, application architecture design. Technical knowledge of Microsoft Business Intelligence, SAS, Net, ASP, Reporting Services, Visual C. Extensive knowledge in best principle and practices with guaranteed annuity income for a longer period of time.

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Our team consists of experts in industrial property development, disruptive technology innovation, agricultural food markets and advanced systems engineering...

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