How We Do Farm to Fork

Our 3-Step Process

Production Point

The platform works with the respective small scale producers to understand:

  • The consignment of fresh-produce that is available to go into the market
  • The minimum quality standards and requirements to be met
  • The volume of fresh-produce available across the market

Engagement is then held with the respective pre-delivery Hub to ensure the to synchronise logistics needs and space requirements.  

Aggregation Hub

The aggregation hub is an ad-hoc shared facility for various small-scale commercial farmers. Here pre-delivery quality check requirements are facilitated to ensure the fresh-produce is of acceptable quality and standard before being dispatched to the physical market/storage or end customers facilities. The Hub is a central node where all consignments will be co-ordinated. 

Market Point

The “Market” is the Farm2Fork ‘Digital’ Platform that allows the visibility of product at the respective hubs and recognises for the centralised transacting of the “buyer” with one or more farmers. The objective of the platform is to enable: